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Work from home (WFH) is now the new standard for millions of employees around the world. You may feel out of your depth in this new environment figuring out how to keep up your team productivity. Thousands of people work daily from home so they’ve already developed successful strategies to stay healthy and productive while doing so.


Here are some of the tips for working productively at home.

  • Design the ideal home office
  • Organize your timetable with your confreres and family
  • Set up your work hours
  • Take your work from home lunch break
  • Mostly use virtual tools for team collaboration
  • End your day on time


Design the ideal home office:

Find an area of your house that is stress-free and provides enough loneliness for you to be able to concentrate without constant distractions and slide your desk to a corner of your living room, so that you can face a corner instead of distracting from any media. Working regularly from the same place will helps you in focusing and improving your productivity.


Organize your timetable with your confreres and family:

There’s nothing more annoying than getting disturbed while you’re in the middle of a job, designating those parts of your home or hours of the day for maximum success as “Do Not Disturb”. Get imaginative by having the “business space in the guest room” and letting your household know when you are going to use what room. Know that there’s always a room for more relaxed conversations during the workday.


Set up your work hours:

Communication is crucial to success in telecommuting. Contact the base of a boss and friends, let them know if you decide to get offline/away from your desk. Using virtual tools to show the working time vs. non-working time. This will help to avoid future team disputes by putting up goals first.


Take your work from home lunch break:

You should reconsider your daily lunch break on your comfort, because you spend your lunch time at home and have access to ingredients that you wouldn’t have in the workplace, cook an intricate, picture-perfect meal like the one you scrolled past last week on Instagram. Take your job as an opportunity to detach from home lunch break and concentrate on an activity that gives you joy.


Mostly use virtual tools for team collaboration:

Now that you’re isolated from your colleagues, use your virtual networking devices as much as you feel necessary — not only when you need to be on a conference call. When you feel more isolated than normal, set up a virtual support network for your closest teammates and colleagues, where you can both openly share your job experience with others.


End your day on time:

Try to be on time and after completing another full shift, check out of your home office by stowing away all your work tools for the rest of the hours. Just when you leave your work laptop on your desk, say greetings to your colleagues by sending your final message for the day end, and sign off at the usual time.

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