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Application Development

SRI Tech Solutions offers front-end and back-end application development and support capabilities for a number of the leading programming languages and development frameworks. We support the entire lifecycle of a clients software development needs to improve design, product management, and project management. We work with clients to develop their line-of-business applications, product extensions, and custom integrations to drive their unique business outcomes.


We also design, deliver, manage and support the unique mobile development needs of our clients. SRI Tech supports various implementations from cross-platform, web wrapper, to native mobile applications. We provide end-to-end frontend and backend mobile application development by leveraging various mobile frameworks such as Ionic, PhoneGap, Xamarin, Intel XDK, etc.


At SRI Tech we work with our clients to first understand the business use case or pain point they are looking to address. Once, we ascertain the business outcome they are looking to achieve, we collaborate with them to develop project architecture and requirements. Furthermore, we will establish project goals, metrics, and milestones to ensure the success and expectations or our client’s projects. We can also develop proof of concepts to enable internal stakeholders to validate the solution and to secure internal buy-in. We then leverage the appropriate resources (project managers, UI/UX, backend developers, etc.) to deliver the project to our client leveraging industry best practices. Finally, our team works with the client to provide ongoing maintenance and extensibility as necessary.

  • Outline solution and architecture

  • Devise product demonstration

  • Draft solution framework

  • Develop solution

  • Validate & test solution

  • Provide ongoing support

SRI Tech Solutions continuously develops and maintains a pool of highly experienced and talented resources that drive a proven track record for our clients. Due to our large pool of candidates, we can address a wide variety of technologies to support our client’s unique application development needs. Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the most popular technologies that we currently support:

  • .Net

  • Java, J2EE

  • SQL

  • iOS, Android

  • QA

  • EDI Testing

  • ERP

  • Cloud Computing

  • Project Management

  • BI Reporting

Wireless Engineering

SRI Tech Solutions is focused on serving the telecommunication and wireless industry by identifying and understanding our client’s needs and providing them with top-tier talent to deliver best in class solutions. We provide consulting services to our clients to evaluate market opportunities, define project architecture, deliver & test solutions, and provide ongoing managed services.

SRI Tech Solutions takes pride in delivering continuous value to our clients with our experienced and talented consultants. When it comes to the ongoing operation of critical telecommunication wireless services, we provide optimized solutions with reliability, scalability, and availability in mind.

The Leading Way

SRI Tech Solutions excels in leading technologies that enable innovation and stands as a driving force for our partners and clients.

Around the globe, our partnership extends to several market segments such as consumers, enterprises, and governments. We have established a track record of successful telecommunication partnerships with several entities such as:

  • Leading service providers around the world

  • Wireless and VoIP operators

  • MVNOs

  • Network & Security industries

  • License spectrums

  • Product based companies

Telecom Services and Solutions

SRI Tech Solutions tailor professional services to meet the specific requirements of each of our clients.  Our team is skilled and certified in providing solutions for the below technologies:

  • Radio Access Technologies (3G, 4G & 5G)

  • Cloud Computing

  • End to end integration and implementation

  • Origination and Termination of Global Traffic

  • Secure deployable communication systems

  • Proof of Concept development

  • Virtualization

  • Architecture and technical requirements

  • End to end testing services

  • VoIP Enhanced 911 services

  • Networking

  • Location based wireless area infrastructure

Delivering the Cutting Edge

Our passion and motto at SRI Tech Solutions is to strive towards cutting-edge technologies that drive operational excellence within the market. Inspired by wireless technology trends, we leverage an innovative 3 step approach to augmenting your enterprise’s telecommunication projects: Transform, Grow & Experience. Our proven method enables us to adapt to emerging technologies as our client’s needs evolve.

As boundaries between telecommunications, IT and other technologies converge, we focus on fostering cross-functional collaboration to provide a smooth transition to our clients with a wide range of initiatives, competencies, and focuses. Our change management outshines in delivering a unique approach to reach our client’s projects full potential.

Our team is currently working on the 5G 3GPP requirements to support data connectivity and services enabling deployments using Network Function Virtualization and Software Defined Networking. We excel in developing, implementing, automating, testing and deploying services on cloud infrastructure for the telecommunication industry.


SRI Tech Solutions provides offshore outsourcing capabilities as an option for significant cost, reduction, time savings, and increased availability. SRI Tech Solutions maintains a dedicated offshore office in Visakhapatnam, India which enables us to manage, consult, and monitor our offshore resources to ensure successful delivery of our client’s needs. We have a proven track record of providing specialized offshore resources to Fortune 1000 and Fortune 500 companies.

We deliver consulting and development based on our client’s specific business and IT requirements. We can customize the consulting & development scope, delivery schedule, maintenance & support, etc. based on your particular business needs & budget.

SRI Tech Solutions can several types of engagement models such as hourly models for instant access to our offshore resources, or longer term models where we retain and manage full-time resources for more extensive projects. We can support short-term projects (3 – 6 months) as well as long-term engagements (multi-year). Additionally, SRI Tech can also support hybrid engagement models that leverage our offshore resources as well as sourcing onshore resources for your company’s diverse requirements.

Our capabilities include product development & project management consulting, application development, and quality assurance. SRI Tech Solutions also provide specialized database development & maintenance services, and software implementation consulting. Our extensive capabilities enable us to address the entire life-cycle your organizations specific development, application, and consulting needs.  

We have top tier offshore resources which enables us to address a wide variety of technologies – from legacy to emerging technologies. Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the most popular technologies that we currently support:

  • .Net

  • Java, J2EE

  • SQL

  • iOS, Android

  • QA

  • EDI Testing

  • ERP

  • Cloud Computing

  • Project Management

  • BI Reporting

Quality Assurance Testing Services

Quality Assurance is in our roots. SRI Tech Solutions was initially founded to support the staffing needs for QA needs and eventually directly to provide quality assurance services to our clients. Quality Assurance is an imperative and necessary step for the effective life-cycle management of any piece of software. SRI Tech Solutions delivers extensive quality assurance testing and analysis services. We help our clients with their specific functional or non-functional testing needs.

Functional Testing

Our functional testing centers around evaluating software against project requirements, specifications, use cases or design documentation to ensure that our client’s software can successfully perform all of the required functions.

Non-Functional Testing

Our non-functional testing services focus on evaluating load, locationalization, security, performance, recovery, stress testing, etc.

We assess application functionality, stability, security, performance, stress, and load of a client’s application. We help our clients in developing a high level of quality for their solutions and to augment their software development teams to identify problems early in the development lifecycle.

Additionally, we provide both manual and automation testing capabilities to address our client’s unique needs. Our comprehensive manual testing includes unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and user acceptance testing. Furthermore, we also provide automated testing for our client’s software application needs. We leverage several tools to facilitate automated testing. Additionally, we also have the capability to develop custom automated testing script for unique use cases and scenarios.

  • HPE Quality Center : for Manual Testing and Bug Tracking

  • HPE QTP / Winrunner : for Automated and Regression Testing

  • HPE Load Runner : for Stress and Load Testing

  • Boreland Silk Performer : for Stress and Load Testing

SRI Tech has access to an experienced and knowledgeable pool of QA candidates & resources. We have the capabilities to address a varied array of testing needs:

  • Deployment, Installation, Configuration & Uninstallation Testing

  • Performance Testing

  • Load Testing

  • Stress Testing

  • Volume Testing

  • Security Testing

  • Penetration Testing

  • Vulnerability Testing

  • Recovery Testing

  • Data & Database Integrity Testing

  • GUI (Graphical User Interface) Testing

  • Compatibility Testing

  • Usability Testing

  • Accessibility Testing

  • Portability Testing

  • Scalability Testing

  • Stability Testing

  • Fault Tolerance, Error handling & Fail-Over Testing

  • Internationalization / Localization Testing

  • Conformance & Compliance Testing