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The Stats shows 80% of companies are currently using the cloud. Cloud migration has only begun in recent years, but there are no signs of slowing it down. As we’ve listed, this generates many job openings within the high-wage cloud computing market.

Data Science Engineer:

For the companies , data engineers develop and check scalable Big Data environments in order that data scientists can run their algorithms on secure and highly optimized data systems. the data science engineers also upgrading existing systems with current or upgraded versions of the most recent technology to extend database performance. Data Science Engineers required hands-on experience Data APIs and ETL Tools and wish good knowledge on Hive, NoSQL, R, Ruby, Java, C++, and MATLAB.

Machine Learning Engineer:

Machine Learning Engineers are highly in demand. Machine learning engineers also will collaborate with data scientists who, when it involves a data collection, will determine the principles of engagement and convey information to big business players. they have to possess in-depth awareness with a number of the foremost popular technologies like SQL, REST APIs, etc., machine learning engineers also are required to conduct A / B testing, develop data pipelines, and implement specific machine learning algorithms like classification, clustering, etc.

Cloud Security Engineer:

Cloud Security Engineers play a key role in handling security for various cloud platforms often involves analyzing existing structures and developing enhanced methods of security. Security engineers probably will need formal training with Linux and Windows and required hands-on experience with AWS cloud and multiple scripting languages like Python and Java.

Cloud Full Stack Engineer:

Cloud Full-Stack Engineer works throughout all phases of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDL) in writing, testing, and maintaining the code that powers highly scalable cloud applications. They work with the technical components on the front- and back-end of applications, also because the platforms and systems that their applications run on. The knowledge of data structures, algorithms, operating systems, and distributed systems, Experience with databases including SQL, NoSQL, and web application programming languages like JavaScript, Python, Java, HTML, and CSS.

DevOps Engineer:

DevOps Engineers must have in-depth knowledge of IT applications and technology, also as comprehensive experience in programming . Job tasks usually involve leading a team of software engineers, tracking processes, and evaluating the efficacy of varied cloud-based solutions’ automation tools.

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